Organizing Committee

Members of the Organizing Committee for the 2019 Inaugural Conference:

  • Chair : Dr. Subroto Gangopadhyay ( IHAR )
  • Co Chair : Dr. Sacchidananda Joshi ( IGNCA )
  • Mr. Vikas Singh ( Project Manager )
  • Dr. Sudhir Lall
  • Mr. Subhash Gupta
  • Ms. Sahana Singh
  • Ms. Mary Suresh
  • Ms. Jyoti Gangopadhyay
  • Mr. Prasad Gurajala
  • Dr. Bharath Srinivasan
  • Dr. Jayakumar Srinivasan

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee consists of individuals who hold advanced/terminal qualifications in various academic disciplines, including humanities, history, sanskrit and indian aesthetics, classical and modern languages, anthropology, sociology, political science, mathematics, science and engineering and other areas. The committee is responsible for review and selection of submissions for presentation at the conference.

  • Chair : Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Ph.D
  • Prof. K.S.Kannan, Ph.D
  • Prof. Lakshmi Inukonda, Ph.D
  • Prof. Narayanan Komerath, Ph.D
  • Mr. Nilesh Nilkanth Oak, M.S, M.B.A
  • Prof. Sarath Menon, Ed.D
  • Dr. Sarita Seshagiri, Ph.D
  • Dr. Sudhir Lall, Ph.D